Like New Classic Vibe

A like new Fender Classic Vibe with a “b” bender. Three saddle bridge, painted head stock locking tuners, rosewood neck, and a bound body. The plastic is still on the pick guard and pickup. loaded with #10 strings this baby has a great sound.

Priced at $825.00

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Fender Telecaster with B&G Benders.

This is a Very nice 2008 MIM telecaster with B&W B & G Benders installed. It will be shipped in a Freedom hard case.  The shipping and handling will be $50.00 in lower 48. Outside U.S. Shipping, write for a quote.  Case and Guitar are both in very good condition.  Sells for $1125.00.

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1999 Black Fender Telecaster w/ “b” bender

This guitar has been used, has a neck crack and some clear coat scratches.  I’d call it character.  I put a new three way switch in and replaced the bridge.  Its a great buy at the offering price of $775.00

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Silver burst Tele with a B bender

This is a very nice Fender with a B&W B bender. It has a 2012 neck but the body is a new 2013 with new pick guard and bridge. Very nice with no issues, neck like new. It sells for $900.00 plus the shipping and handling charges.

For more information contact::             bill.warford@bnwbenders,com

2014 Fender MIM Left hand Telecaster with “b” bender

This guitar is like new. Plastic is still on the pick guard and has papers. New B&W “b” bender installed. Great color, very clean. Price is $950.00 plus shipping and handling. Contact:

Very nice 57 reissue Les Paul JR. with a new B&W B bender.  This guitar has very light scratches on the pick guard. No bag or case.  It sells for $650.00 plus $50.00 shipping and handling.   For more info contact:

2009 Fender MIM Sunburst Telecaster w/ “b” bender

Beautiful Sunburst finish with some birds eye in the grain.  This one has some upgrades including double string guides, Seymour Duncan pickups and a w/b/w pickquard.  No visible scratches or dings in the finish.  Comes with a gig bag, however cases are available with additional fee.

Price: $900.00 plus shipping and handling.


2014 MIM Fender Telecaster


Like new 2014 Fender MIM telecaster with a natural finish.  Brand new “b” bender installed  with a medium stroke.  New #9 strings $950.00 plus shipping and handling.

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2005 Wine Fender Telecaster used but in excellent condition.

2005 Fender Telecaster Mexican made. Has a new B&W double, b and g bender installed.  No visible damage, Comes with a Road Runner gig bag.  Ready for its new home.  Price is $1,125.00 plus shipping and handling.


MIJ Fender thinline with a Bigsby & a B bender

 This is a very nice MIJ Fender thinline and it has a bigsby and also a new B&W  B bender. The bigsby  works on all strings and the bender just works on the B string . The guitar is a 1998 but is like new.It comes in a used  hard case.

complete package sells for   $995.00 plus the shipping charges.

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CST 106  This is a custom Fender tele with a B&W            B Bender. It has locking tuners and a short stroke b bender in it. It has one of a kind finish. The ser no is           N 619XXXX    I built this bender about 16 years ago. It has never been worked on and still works fine. It does not get played much, just stays in display case. It will come in a hard case.    $1650.00  with free shipping and handling.

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Galveston travel guitar / B Bender

This is a Galveston travel guitar with a B&W B Bender installed.  It has tension adjustment as well a a fine tuner so you can get the amount of pull you wish. This is a short stroke bender.  It comes with a gig bag.  I purchased this guitar new and has never been sold. Prices at $325.00 plus $35.00 shipping and handling.