Very nice Squire Standard with a new B & W b bender

This red Squire standard is like new with no signs of wear, some very light scratches on pick guard. It comes with a new push out b bender by B&W. It also comes with a strap for the b bender and also a guitar strap. The pictures show all the modifications that have been made to the guitar. This guitar sells for $575.00, which will include free shipping to lower 48 states.  We have used bags and hard cases available for sale.

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2011 MIM Road Worn Stratocaster with “b” and “g” Benders

2011 Road Worn Fender MIM Stratocaster with new B&W “b” and “g” benders. Road worn’s provide a one of a kind finish.  The tremolo is lock in the down position for proper effect of the benders.

Selling for $1,075.00 plus shipping and handling.



SG-1  Very nice SG with a b bender.  Plays and sounds very good. It sells for $550.00 with free shipping and handling.     NEW PRICE   $450.00 + $35.00 shipping


2007 Fender Telecaster, Sunburst with “g” bender


Exceptional condition this guitar has a nice finish with some birds eye. Six saddle bridge, new strings, maple neck.  New B&W custom “g” bender installed.

It sells for $950.00  plus shipping and handling

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Fender neck through body/B Bender

SB-2  This Fender has a few scratches and a B&W B Bender.  It also comes with EMG pickups.  Not a bad little guitar, sounds great. It also comes with a battery pocket.

It sells for $850.00 plus the shipping and handling.   Contact  Bill

Bender Banjo


This is a nice six string Banjo with a  B Bender,  Never been played with new bender.  For more info contact

Sells for $475.00 plus shipping and handling charges.

2014 MIM Flame Orange Fender Telecaster with B&W “b” Bender

Bought new from a music store, its in excellent condition.  The plastic is still on the pick guard and pickups includes original paperwork. New “b” bender installed

Sells for $1000.00 plus shipping and handling

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Like New Classic Vibe

A like new Fender Classic Vibe with a “b” bender. Three saddle bridge, painted head stock locking tuners, rosewood neck, and a bound body. The plastic is still on the pick guard and pickup. loaded with #10 strings this baby has a great sound.

Sells for $875.00 plus shipping and handling

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2014 Fender MIM Left hand Telecaster with “b” bender

This guitar is like new. Plastic is still on the pick guard and has papers. New B&W “b” bender installed. Great color, very clean.

Sells for $1000.00 plus shipping and handling.


SB-6   Very nice 57 reissue Les Paul JR. with a new B&W B bender.  This guitar has very light scratches on the pick guard. No bag or case.  It sells for $525.00 plus $50.00 shipping and handling.   For more info contact:

2009 Fender MIM Sunburst Telecaster w/ “b” bender

Beautiful Sunburst finish with some birds eye in the grain.  This one has some upgrades including double string guides, Seymour Duncan pickups and a w/b/w pickquard.  No visible scratches or dings in the finish.

Price: $950.00 plus shipping and handling.


MIJ Fender thinline with a Bigsby & a B bender

BIG-1   This is a very nice MIJ Fender thinline and it has a bigsby and also a new B&W  B bender. The bigsby  works on all strings and the bender just works on the B string . The guitar is a 1998 but is like new.It comes in a used  hard case.

complete package sells for   $950.00 plus the shipping charges.

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CST 106  This is a custom Fender tele with a B&W            B Bender. It has locking tuners and a short stroke b bender in it. It has one of a kind finish. The ser no is           N 619XXXX    I built this bender about 16 years ago. It has never been worked on and still works fine. It does not get played much, just stays in display case.     $1500.00  with free shipping and handling.

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